I want to Stay

Distance, time, space,
light, shadow, night.
Intangibles things,
for our love fulfill


I want to be in you diary
at work, at home,
walking in the streets,
sharing your spaces


Be your support
in your sadness
Having your face
in my hands
Be your sadness, your joy
Being your good and bad

Be your passion, your blaze
When in my arms weakened
resting in my lap,
founding my nearness


To be your surroundings,
your home, your pool, your repose
Seeing the sites you observe
just looking , to the space


I envy the shade
that always follows you,
Which is near you ,ever
Escorting you, as I desire

C frogui 1999



Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Laura Pausini y Raf - Mi Rubi L'Anima (Trad. en espaņol)



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