Flowers are nice,
Candy is too.
But all I need,
On Valentine's day is you!

Fancy cards can be,
So sweet.
Fuzzy bears are,
Such a treat.

Jewelry nor dinner,
Can compare.
To all the things,
That we can share.

Sweet little talks,
Or long walks alone.
Just being there,
Or holding you all night long.

No matter how big ,
Or fancy things are.
Nothing will compare,
To all of the little
Things we can share.

Marie Floyd 2-14-99


I need your love
Come as ever
My mind cries
My body burns

Please come
I'm anxiously waiting
Fill my life
My soul overthrows

I love you, dear
I will die without you
Please come
and I'll lovely embrace you.

C  frogui 1999

I Miss You - Avril Lavigne with lyrics


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