My mom is #1


She always been there for me she's really the one,
My mom is the one I look forward to seeing,
My mom is the one I idolize being,
She always seems so perfect,
That's what makes her so terrific,
Although there are times when things go wrong,
But they don't last very long,
There are our good times,
And then the bad times,
But mom's the one who knows best,
I'm the one she's putting to the test,
So I can live my life beautifully,
And be able to say "My mom made my life possible...honestly"
She loves me very dearly,
That's why I want to get this poem out clearly,
Mother I love you with all my heart and soul,
I think you're a great mother and very cool,
So just remember that I love you,
And this poem is totally True!

Brittany Kay, OH

Happy Mother's Day !


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